The Emperor's Oblong Pancake, Gerald Rose

Today's vintage children's book is The Emperor's Oblong Pancake with illustrations by Gerald Rose. I'm really liking this book and showing more scans that usual. I'm not familar with Gerald Rose, but I do know after viewing this book that he is a GOOD illustrator. His page spreads are interesting, offbeat, nicely balanced, with great use of color and design. His illustrations are offbeat, quirky and loosely drawn - this is a guy to study if you're interested in illustration. I find his work very inspirational. Incidentally, Gerald also worked with his wife Elizabeth on many books that she wrote.

Good stuff here already and we're just to the title page!

Some other Books illustrated by Gerald Rose:



the art room plant

The Emperor's Oblong Pancake

Story by Peter Hughes
Pictures by Gerald Rose
Abelard Schuman, 1961


  1. Oh, I remember St.Francis and the Wolf! As a little girl, the illustrations were my FAVORITE part of any book. I loved to read, but the drawings stole my heart. Thank you for reminding me of that book. Isn't the face of the wolf just wonderful? I went on to major in art in college and I still am such a visual person. Oh, now have to check Amazon to see if another copy exists somewhere.

  2. ooh, the oblong pancake is really beautiful, I've not seen that one before. I might have to seek it out. I see you have also written about Roger Duvoisin, my other favourite illustrator, lovely thank-you!